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Advanced Learners

The CogAT

The Cognitive Abilities Test, or CogAT, is administered annually to every third grade student. The CogAT is one measure we use to identify accelerated - or "gifted" - learners. By testing every student, we increase the chance that every advanced learner is identified. This, so that these students may be appropriately challenged in the classroom, and equipped for extended learning opportunities at home.

The CogAT is generally administered in October and results received in January. Fourth and fifth graders can also be tested at the request of a teacher or parent. Here is a PowerPoint presentation that further describes the CogAT for parents.

ALPS Events

Our district has an office dedicated to supporting the needs of advanced learners. Advanced Learner Programs & Services, or ALPS. 

We’ve attached the latest issue of the ALPS newsletter.  It’s also posted on the ALPS website at www.nvusd.k12.ca.us/alps.  Read about resources and upcoming events for advanced learners.  

ALPS Newsletter


Saludos y feliz año Nuevo de parte de ALPS—Programas & Servicios para Estudiantes Avanzados.

Hemos adjuntado el último número del boletín ALPS. Que también se publica en la página web de ALPS a www.nvusd.k12.ca.us/alps.  Lean sobre recursos y futuros eventos para estudiantes avanzados.  

Boletin de ALPS


Advanced Learner Programs & Services (ALPS)

Napa Valley Unified School District


California Association for the Gifted

The Northern California Association for the Gifted is another great resource for our parents that we recommend you take a look at.