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Cool School & Cool Camp

COOL School
The Cool School program, offered by the Napa County Office of Education, exists to enhance the educational, social and safety needs of students through a community collaborative that provides academic support and enrichment activities bridging the school day with the after school hours. COOL School students are referred by their teacher based on academic need. The program includes academic intervention, homework support, a healthy snack, physical activity and enrichment opportunities. 



COOL Camp is an expansion of COOL School that is open to all students, unlike COOL School, this program does not include targeted academic intervention, but student partake in similar non academic activities. COOL Camp is for students who have not been referred by their teacher to receive additional academic intervention. 

Please be aware that both COOL School and COOL Camp will both begin charging a monthly fee of $80 beginning in August of 2016. If families can't afford the $80 monthly fee there are limited scholarships available.