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Snowdrift Newsletter

The Snowdrift

The Newsletter of Irene M. Snow Elementary School



Principal’s Message

Dear Snow Families,

What a fantastic start to the school year!  The students were prepared and so excited to be back.

A huge “thank you” to all of our parents who brought school supplies to the classrooms.  Your generosity is very much appreciated.

A couple of important dates to remember: Back to School Night on 8/30/17, Welcome Back BBQ 9/1,

and Coffee with the Principal on 9/8.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the office.



Mrs. McCormick


 Show your Snow spirit and wear Snow T-shirts every Friday!

You can buy new shirts in our main office.


Vegetables, Healthy, Food

NVUSD Wellness Policy and Birthday Treats

Napa Valley Unified School District has a wellness policy that states parents/guardians or other volunteers need to consider nutritional quality when selecting any snacks which they donate for class parties or birthday celebrations. At Snow we have students with a variety of food allergies. They may not be included in a celebration that includes food that has refined sugar, wheat (gluten), peanuts, nuts or other allergens.  In order to include all children in the celebration and to follow NVUSD’s wellness policy, we require that healthy fruits or vegetables are brought as an edible treat. If that doesn’t sound like fun you can bring stickers, pencils, or erasers as other options for children as part of a birthday celebration. Unfortunately, if cupcakes or other sweet treats are brought to school we will ask you to take them back home. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to bring a healthy treat for their birthday.


Be on Time!!

School begins at 8:05 for ALL students.  If you are not in line and ready to go you are late! Please have your child in line so that when the bell rings at 8:05 all students are ready for their day.  Free Breakfast is served daily in our cafeteria but you must be there by

7:50 to get served.  




Parking Lot Behaviors

Please remain calm during pick-up and drop off. Our goal is to have all students remain safe and you can help us by not rushing and honking. Also, our volunteer crossing guards need to be respected. We appreciate your help with this.


Hot Cheetos and Hot Takis are not allowed at school.  Please do not send them in lunches or for snacks. If we see Hot Cheetos or Hot Takis we will throw them away. Thank you for supporting this rule.


Snow Road Runner Rules:

Be Safe! Be Respectful! Be Kind! Be Responsible!

When you are with your children at school please remind them to be safe at all times. This means when the first morning bell rings please encourage your children to WALK to their lines. This will help keep everyone safe.




Toys are not allowed at Snow School.  Please make sure your child is not storing toys in their backpacks or pockets. This includes Pokemon cards, fidget spinners and any item that will cause a distraction and could be misplaced or taken by someone else.  Thanks for your help with this!


Attendance Message

School is in full swing and your attendance should be too!! If there is anything standing in your way of getting your child to school every day, on time, the best way that we can fully support your child is through communication. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the school staff. Come in to talk with us, set up an appointment, call, or email at any time.
Thank you for your efforts in all that you do as parents to help your child succeed!